Nelson Secretarial

Why Choose Our Secretarial Services?

Do you need urgent typing or word processing done but do not have the resources?

Do you have confidential typing that, ideally, should be done outside of your organisation?

Are you job hunting and do you need your resume well organised and presented, together with an application letter?

Do you have an electronic text or a document, large or small, that needs to be typed up and edited at the same time?

Do you belong to a club or organisation that issues monthly newsletters?

Are you good at computers but not so good at grammar and style?

Do you need research done on the internet, at public records offices or local directories?

Nelson Secretarial can help you with any of these jobs. By giving us your work offsite you save on office and staff overheads. If you live overseas and require local research to be done, we can establish the contacts at very little cost to you.

Nelson Secretarial also provides translation services for the following languages: Spanish, German and French into English; English into German.

Benefits To You

The work we do for you is done outside of your business or organisational environment. This means that not only do you save on staff and office overheads but you are also assured of the strictest confidentiality. In addition, our multi-skilled services allow you to use us as a one-stop shop rather than having to employ more than one person or contractor for a single project or assignment. Last not least, we can be contacted by email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.